Source code for deepxde.backend

# References:

import importlib
import json
import os
import sys

from . import backend
from .set_default_backend import set_default_backend
from .utils import get_available_backend, interactive_install_paddle, verify_backend

_enabled_apis = set()

[docs] def is_enabled(api): """Return true if the api is enabled by the current backend. Args: api (string): The api name. Returns: bool: ``True`` if the API is enabled by the current backend. """ return api in _enabled_apis
def _gen_missing_api(api, mod_name): def _missing_api(*args, **kwargs): raise ImportError( 'API "%s" is not supported by backend "%s".' " You can switch to other backends by setting" " the DDE_BACKEND environment." % (api, mod_name) ) return _missing_api
[docs] def backend_message(backend_name): """Show message about backend. Args: backend_name: which backend used """ msg = f"Using backend: {backend_name}\nOther supported backends: " if backend_name == "tensorflow.compat.v1": msg += "tensorflow, pytorch, jax, paddle.\n" elif backend_name == "tensorflow": msg += "tensorflow.compat.v1, pytorch, jax, paddle.\n" elif backend_name == "pytorch": msg += "tensorflow.compat.v1, tensorflow, jax, paddle.\n" elif backend_name == "jax": msg += "tensorflow.compat.v1, tensorflow, pytorch, paddle.\n" elif backend_name == "paddle": msg += "tensorflow.compat.v1, tensorflow, pytorch, jax.\n" msg += "paddle supports more examples now and is recommended." print(msg, file=sys.stderr, flush=True)
[docs] def load_backend(mod_name): backend_message(mod_name) mod = importlib.import_module(".%s" % mod_name.replace(".", "_"), __name__) thismod = sys.modules[__name__] # log backend name setattr(thismod, "backend_name", mod_name) for api in backend.__dict__.keys(): if api.startswith("__"): # ignore python builtin attributes continue if api == "data_type_dict": # load data type if api not in mod.__dict__: raise ImportError( 'API "data_type_dict" is required but missing for backend "%s".' % mod_name ) data_type_dict = mod.__dict__[api]() for name, dtype in data_type_dict.items(): setattr(thismod, name, dtype) # override data type dict function setattr(thismod, "data_type_dict", data_type_dict) setattr( thismod, "reverse_data_type_dict", {v: k for k, v in data_type_dict.items()}, ) else: # load functions if api in mod.__dict__: _enabled_apis.add(api) setattr(thismod, api, mod.__dict__[api]) else: setattr(thismod, api, _gen_missing_api(api, mod_name))
[docs] def get_preferred_backend(): backend_name = None # User-selected backend config_path = os.path.join(os.path.expanduser("~"), ".deepxde", "config.json") if "DDE_BACKEND" in os.environ: backend_name = os.getenv("DDE_BACKEND") # Backward compatibility elif "DDEBACKEND" in os.environ: backend_name = os.getenv("DDEBACKEND") elif os.path.exists(config_path): with open(config_path, "r") as config_file: config_dict = json.load(config_file) backend_name = config_dict.get("backend", "").lower() if backend_name is not None: verify_backend(backend_name) return backend_name # No backend selected print("No backend selected.") # Find available backend print("Finding available backend...") backend_name = get_available_backend() if backend_name is not None: print(f"Found {backend_name}") set_default_backend(backend_name) return backend_name # No backend available print("Cannot find available backend.") interactive_install_paddle() set_default_backend("paddle") return "paddle"